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There are precious few objects in life more meaningful than jewellery. Family heirlooms passed down through the generations which hold great sentimental value, but are not quite your style, size or maybe they’re damaged. Now it’s easier than ever to keep its sentimental value while adding your own special touch.

Enter jewellery remodelling services. The idea being that your old jewellery (your piece as it is now) is used to create a new piece that both retains its memories and feels like an exciting new creation. Gold can be melted down and refined to be used to make wedding rings, bangles, pendants, rings or anything else your mind can conjure up. Older gemstones can be rejuvenated by re-polishing and re-faceting to bring out their inner beauty and then used in newly remodelled items. New gemstones can be purchased to add to the mix too. Another common option, is matching ring and earring sets which is easiest when the old jewellery has lots of small stones. And sometimes customers will purchase a brand new centre stone then adorn it using their stones from a treasured piece of jewellery.

Jewellery remodelling is an incredibly satisfying process. Customers are often amazed at the options and it’s an entirely different experience from simply purchasing new jewellery – it’s the best of both worlds.

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