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Trending in 2014: Pearls

Popping up across runways, fashion blogs and magazines right now is the ever-fashionable pearl. A jewellery classic, pearls have been worn for decades by women looking to add a glimmer of elegance to their outfit – and today, that desire still exists.

Designers such as Chanel and Dior are getting aboard the trend this season, as the hunt for stunning accessories continues and we see pearls of all shapes and sizes adorning the world’s most fashionable. Here are a few of our recommendations to keep you as glamorous as ever this winter.

Pearl necklace

This timelessly elegant piece can bring a chic, sophisticated look to any outfit and we highly recommend these for events such as dinner parties or lunches – and even for work! Such versatility means that you can enjoy pearls all year round. Take a cue from Chanel and try bigger, chunkier pieces for a more modern look, or enjoy a classic aesthetic with finer strings of pearls.

Pearl earrings

​Among the pearl earring’s top supporters this season? None other than fashion powerhouse Dior, which is taking a modern twist on an old favourite. Enjoy these simple yet stunning pieces that really brighten the whites of your eyes – they should be a staple in every lady’s jewellery box.

Winter is designed for cosy nights by the fire, dinner with friends and glasses of red wine. Pearls work with all these activities – and they really complement your winter fashion! The darker hues of navy, black, oxblood and mustard that we often see on runways during these cooler months look gorgeous when teamed with a white or cream pearl, whereas rose pink pearls can liven up lighter outfits. 

If you are looking for something special to add to your jewellery box, or perhaps a gift for a loved one, pearls are an undying trend that we will continue to see for decades to come. You can buy pearls online with Showcase Jewellers, confident in the knowledge that we source quality jewellery.

Buying jewellery for your brother or sister’s birthday

Depending on how close you are to you siblings, it can be difficult to shop for their birthdays. We have a few ideas that can help you to deliver a gift they will absolutely love, and buying jewellery online is a simple process for you, too!

They may have annoyed you for years on end as children, but there comes a time in our lives where we realise our brothers can actually be great people to have around. Pushing your buttons may be one of his traits, but he’s certainly there for you when you need him most.

Thank your brother for his consistency with something he can always carry around with him. Watches are an excellent gift for men of all ages, as they’re functional as well as fashionable. With gold, silver and leather varieties, there is something for every man – it’s up to you which you think suits your brother’s personality. Otherwise, rings are also a great option for some guys, as they are simple and appreciated by men with an interest in fashion and looking good.

Whether she’s an older sister or a younger one, a little sparkle can go a long way. Find out if she’s more of a necklace, ring or bracelet kind of girl and then choose something that suits her personality. Some girls love heart pendants on fine chains, others love chunky charm bracelets and statement rings. It’s up to you whether you want to spoil her with something she’ll wear every day, or a vibrant piece for special occasions – either way, she will love the thought you’ve put into selecting a special piece for her. Regardless of your budget, there is something pretty for every woman. Gold, silver, diamond or gem, you’ll be certain to find something that is as quirky and original as your sister.

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