Month: September 2014

Your guide to mixing metals

Your shoes and bag should match, never wear black with brown or navy, don’t wear more than one pattern, don’t mix metals – some rules are made to be broken! Incorporating a range of colours and textures to your home or wardrobe can be a lot of fun. Here are some tips and tricks to mixing metals in your home and with your outfit.

Playing dress up

Stackable jewellery is a popular trend at the moment. Stacking your rings, layering multiple pendants or wearing multiple studs is a great way to look feminine and effortless while still making a statement and looking cool and chic. 

When shopping for rings, be sure to pick out dainty thin bands in a range of metals. If you want to mix it up a bit, play with texture – find a twisted ring, a plain one, and one that has a pattern etched into it. When you’re feeling more bold, find statement rings in a range of metals with different gems and design features on each one. 

You can even find some lovely pieces, such as necklaces and bracelets, that weave together mixed metals for a distinctive look.

Home sweet home

Metal pieces throughout your home can make for striking decor. Brass light fixtures, nickel faucets and chrome kitchen appliances are all wonderful additions to your home.

In fact, your lighting is a great opportunity to add metal to your home. If you want a more industrial space, a stand alone lamp with a big shade along with a golden coffee table bowl or vase is a cool option. Alternatively, if you’re after a vintage look, find a golden gilded mirror, a silver chandelier and fill a cabinet with antique jars, jugs and goblets.

Emmy Awards jewellery style

The Primetime Emmy Awards recently took place in Los Angeles, where the rich and famous gathered to hear which television programmes would be taking home the awards in a range of categories, including comedy, drama and reality TV. While most of the attention might be placed on the quality of the acting or the script, here at Showcase our eyes were firmly on the jewels that adorned the stars. Read on for our selection of the best jewellery looks at this year’s event.

Katy Perry

Never one to shy away from a daring fashion choice, Katy Perry turned up in an extravagant ensemble with her date Riff Raff. The pair were wearing a Versace take on a classic Britney and Justin combo and we immediately noticed the stunning choker necklace around Ms. Perry’s neck. The opulent accessory featured several silver link chains, which were held together with a diamond encrusted main circular gemstone feature. Ms Perry complemented her wild necklace choice with subtle silver earrings and matching nose ring.


Looking truly regal in fantastic oversized chandelier earrings, Queen B showed her high rankings in the style stakes with these glamorous and luxurious earrings, which glittered with plenty of diamonds. The shiny stones were set against a wavy hairstyle and worked well with Beyonce’s floor-length black gown. The gorgeous earrings reached her shoulders, featuring a series of connected oval-shapes in a sparkling display. 

Sarah Hyland

Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland, whose show scooped the Outstanding Comedy Series award, looked wonderful in a blue evening gown offset with chunky gold bangles. The wristwear gave her outfit an ancient Greek feel, while her bob haircut was thoroughly modern and on-trend. An otherwise simple look had an additional hit of glamour with the golden jewellery and the clever placing along the arm created an interesting dimension to the style.

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Highlights from NZFW 2014

New Zealand Fashion Week continues to delight and is receiving an increasing amount of international attention. Discover all the hottest looks from the runways in Auckland and learn how to incorporate these trends into your wardrobe. Find out more about the designers who grabbed the attention of fashion editors, bloggers and other guests from both around the country as well as further afield.


Even though clothes tend to be the main attraction at fashion events, here at Showcase our ears pricked up as soon as we heard that Meadowlark was showing another stunning jewellery collection this season. The label chose to show their collections on three models who sulked in front of a pentagram at this much-anticipated show. The dramatic location and equally ethereal models all drew focus on the chunky, asymmetrical cut jewellery pieces in a range of mixed metals.

Andrea Moore

This show was the complete package – not one but two clothing lines were presented along with Andrea Moore jewellery and eyewear. What a treat! Models sashayed down the catwalk in silky jumpsuits reminiscent of the Seventies and dainty, elegant silver necklaces lined their necks. Not one to shy away from some fun, the Wink Wink show theme had eyes painted onto the models’ hands to ensure plenty of ‘did-you-just-see-that? moments’.


Roy Lichenstein was the clear inspiration for this Trelise Cooper line – flashes of colour and bold print patterns adorned skirts and jackets, with trainers complementing the modern streetwear look. Get this style with your accessories by wearing gold chains and stack rings high for a hard-as-nails urban groove. Keep hair and make up casual and simple – with clothes this powerful and accessories to match, don’t distract too much from this statement look.

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Sapphire, the birthstone for September

Sapphires are some the rarest and most prized gemstones in the world, particularly those that have a medium to violet dark blue hue. Popular since the Middle Ages, the majority of these divine blue gems can be found in Australia, as well as some spots in the US and India. Read on to learn more about these exquisite stones and why they make excellent September birthday gifts.

The history

In medieval folklore, sapphires were worn to represent heaven as well as attract spiritual blessings. Other ancient beliefs included that sapphires had the power to change colour depending on the temperament of the wearer – if the stone appeared to get darker, then the wearer was thought to have been untrustworthy or even unfaithful to their spouses. However, as we now know, the hue gives an indication of the quality – darker sapphires are some of the best available and should be treasured!

How to wear them

The ancient Greek word sappheiros is where the modern term for sapphire originates from. Since this term means precious stone, it’s only proper that these unique gems are designed to be shown off! Adorn someone special born in September with a sapphire necklace or ring for full-on glitz that is sure to make anyone shine. Or opt for a pair of sapphire earrings for more subdued style – many of these items will be offset with a range of stunning diamonds too, so choosing a sapphire birthstone present is likely to make a very glamorous gift! 

However you choose to wear – or give – sapphires, be sure to check out the jewellery collection at Showcase for a range of dazzling jewels that make the ideal present whatever the month.