Buying a watch is not just a way to update your wardrobe – it can also be a significant investment or become a treasured family heirloom.

Ensuring that you pick a style that suits you both now and in the future is essential, and there are three questions all watch shoppers should consider.

1. What is my budget?

Choosing the perfect item to adorn your wrist day after day, or for more special occasions is the first step to deciding how much you should spend on this classic purchase.

A watch for everyday use needs to be hard-wearing and resistant as well as having an engaging design to look at repeatedly.

Whereas choosing a watch that will be kept primarily on display and worn only at the most exceptional events needs extra elements to really show off on top of its functional ability.

Deciding on these factors is crucial in selecting a make and model that pleases you (and your bank manager)!

2. What is my style?

Leather strap or metal links? Square or round face? Numbers or roman numerals – or none at all?

These are just some of the elements in ascertaining which timepiece will light up your life and be a possession you continue to enjoy. 

Leather straps are perfect for those who need flexible sizing, as it’s easy to adjust the strap depending on your needs.

Metallic links add a dash of sparkle to any outfit and are especially great to accompany business attire.

3. What is my protection?

Underpinning any sizable purchase should be a solid warranty and guarantee to ensure that if any accidents or other damage occurs to your watch, an adequate repair and service plan is in place to return your timepiece to you as swiftly as possible.

Shopping for a wristwatch is a wonderful past time, and can be further enhanced through an understanding of the core concepts of successful watch selection.