Sapphires are some the rarest and most prized gemstones in the world, particularly those that have a medium to violet dark blue hue. Popular since the Middle Ages, the majority of these divine blue gems can be found in Australia, as well as some spots in the US and India. Read on to learn more about these exquisite stones and why they make excellent September birthday gifts.

The history

In medieval folklore, sapphires were worn to represent heaven as well as attract spiritual blessings. Other ancient beliefs included that sapphires had the power to change colour depending on the temperament of the wearer – if the stone appeared to get darker, then the wearer was thought to have been untrustworthy or even unfaithful to their spouses. However, as we now know, the hue gives an indication of the quality – darker sapphires are some of the best available and should be treasured!

How to wear them

The ancient Greek word sappheiros is where the modern term for sapphire originates from. Since this term means precious stone, it’s only proper that these unique gems are designed to be shown off! Adorn someone special born in September with a sapphire necklace or ring for full-on glitz that is sure to make anyone shine. Or opt for a pair of sapphire earrings for more subdued style – many of these items will be offset with a range of stunning diamonds too, so choosing a sapphire birthstone present is likely to make a very glamorous gift! 

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