Birthdays, Christmas and other holidays can mean stress and confusion for some of us. Buying the perfect gift for a loved one can be very difficult, so we have compiled a few tips for you to think about to help with your selection of jewellery for your partners, parents, siblings and friends to help you make a confident decision when buying jewellery online.

  • What sort of jewellery do they usually wear? People have different jewellery preferences – some like rings and necklaces, others prefer only bracelets or earrings. Avoid purchasing a bracelet for someone who finds they get in the way of their job or day-to-day activities – you don’t want your gift to be worn once then left in a jewellery box for the rest of the year!
  • Think about the colours they often prefer. If you are looking at gemstones, pearls or even diamonds for your nearest and dearest, take into consideration their favourite colours, style choices and even their birthstone. 
  • Gold, silver and rose gold are three beautiful metals, and can suit different skin tones and fashions. Take notice of what your loved one usually picks and match your choice to that – some people simply prefer gold over silver and vice versa.
  • If your giftee has a charm bracelet or similar item, contribute to this with something that is meaningful to the both of you. A memory, a moment in time – an important contribution symbolic of your relationship. 

By considering the above, purchasing jewellery for the special people around us should be a lot easier. Simply take notice of their tastes, preferences and current items and match your choices to these. Jewellery is a gift that is treasured for a long, long time and is an excellent option for family, friends and partners – choose something special and enjoy seeing your recipient light up as they open up this token of your relationship.